Penis Extensions & Sleeves

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Adonis Extension - Clear SE1625252
Size does matter. So Add a full two inches with the Adonis extension Sleeve. This Soft, sensual, ribbed extension with an accentuated any penis head. One size fits all.
Futorotic Penis Extender - Ivory  SE1626013
Comfortable, soft, stretch-to-fit extension adds girth and a full 2 inches in length! Need girth use the Futurotic Penis Extender to satisfy your lover.
Fantasy X-tensions Real Feel  Enhancer Xl - Flesh  PD4120-21
The Real Feel Enhancer XL is a customizable sleeve that can be easily trimmed at the tip for a perfect fit and features an open-ended head so you can still enjoy the natural touch of your lover. It's super-stretchy to accommodate most sizes snug enough to help you last longer and has a ball strap to prolong ejaculation for an explosive climax. This super-lifelike sleeve makes you 33 percent thicker to offer your lover a fuller feeling and exceptional climax while the Fanta Flesh material feels like a second skin -- only better.
Adonis Extension - Smoke SE1625352
Size does matter. So Add a full two inches with the Adonis extension Sleeve. This Soft, sensual, ribbed extension with an accentuated any penis head. One size fits all.
Muscle Smooth Cocksheath Atomic Jock - Clear  OX-1115-CLR
This brand spankin’ new cocksheath is made from even softer TPR and unlike the GYM-BOY, this one is designed to mold to your dick with a deep sucking sensation (think deep throating on steroids). Now you can explore new horizons in your boy’s bottomless hole with this dick massaging cock enhancer. Please even the hungriest of cock-hounds by adding some serious length to your fuck stick. Not to mention…. It looks just plain nasty poppin’ out of a gaped leaking pucker. The base is modeled after our signature COCKSLING-2 and holds this thick rubbery dong on your junk…no matter how hard you’re slammin’ in n’ out. If you want a tighter fit, no need to worry, each MUSCLE comes with a small silicone stopper that locks perfectly into the grooved indents at whatever length suits your dick. Each sheath has soft TPR ridges that not only feel great gripping your cock, but also adds some cum churning massage sensations all up and down your fuck stick. Lube it up (and don’t forget to generously coat the inside), slap it on, and enjoy the sloppy sucking enveloping your engorged member as your boy clamps his guts down on your massive MUSCLE dick. Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch
Mamba Cock Sheath - Flesh -  Bulk  MS-AB453-FLBU
This lifelike penis extender is sure to satisfy both you and your lover by providing an increase in size and also prolonging your erection. Simply insert your penis into the comfortable hollow shaft and slip your testicles through the stretchy ring. Enhance your assets and get ready for action with a larger longer-lasting erection for out-of-this world climaxes.
Latex Extension 4-inch - Ivory  SE1607012
Anyone who says that size doesn't matter is clearly lying. But just because your partner wants more and you are not naturally equipped to give it to them does not mean they can not have those extra inches they crave. Simply cap your dick with this 4 inch latex extension for life like length. Just like your penis, this enhancement tool is featured with realistic texture and tip - your partner will not know where you end and your giant new cock begins!
Really Ample Penis Enhancer  - Natural - Boxed  SM-AD425FL
Double up on size and girth with this AMPED UP erection enhancer. Made of flesh colored TPR material so it is stretchy enough to fit over most penises. Simply slide your rod into the hollow shaft and fit the attached ring over the testicles. This enhancer offers more length and girth for your partner, while the inside of the hollow shaft is lined with sensation bumps for more pleasure for the wearer. Once in place, this durable enlarger will assist in greater satisfaction for you and your partner.
Silicone Senso Sleeves - Clear  SE1601002
The Super Stretchy Silicone Extensions Made for Enhanced Sensual Stimulations. 2 per pack.
Latex Extension Smooth Cock Head 3-inch - Ivory  SE1606012
Looking for some plain and simple penis enhancement? Nothing too flashy or fancy, just your basic cock extension? You need the 3 inch latex tip in ivory. The color and texture blend naturally with your own equipment so no one will ever know that those extra 3 inches do not belong to you. Stretch the comfortable latex over the top of your dick for a secure fit that stays on as long as you want. Your secret is safe with us!
Stud Extender With Support Ring - Clear  SE1625002
Add girth and an inch of length when you use this extender with nubby stimulators. The pliable enhancer ring goes on easily and stretches to accommodate. Satisfy your lover's cravings beyond belief!
Futurotic Penis Extender - Brown SE1626033
Every woman will not mind a bit more girth on their man - they would probably even welcome it. It is very comfortable to use and is hypoallergenic, thus a very safe addition to your collection of toys. Shaped and toned just like the real thing, this natural extender is best with some water-based lubricant to let things flow much smoothly.
Silicone Girth Rings SE1618002
These two Silicone Girth Ringe are made from soft, stretchy, Silicone to provide extra support and added girth for him. The Nubs and ticklers will stimulate her in the right places.
Cyberskin 3-inch Transformer Penis Extension  TS1008327
Transform your penis into Super Cock with the CyberSkin penis extension. CyberSkin material is created to feel exactly like real skin. In fact you may not be able to tell where your penis ends and the CyberSkin penis extension begins. The Virtual Touch texture completes your package by adding realistic details, such as veins and tip for added pleasure.
Silicone Penis Extension - Clear PD2400-20
Soft yet arousing and life like feel the extra pleasure this ribbed penisextension offers. Made with thrilling nodules that provide erotic stimulationas well as adding length and width.
Enter The Dragon - Clear BL-04312
Feel the power and Enter The Dragon - Penis Sleeve. Slip this freaky sleeve over your tool for an unforgettable experience. The head and body of the dragon is meticulously hand sculpted. Ticklers on the belly of the dragon enhances sensations for your partner. Use the strap to cinch your scrotum to aid in delaying ejaculation. Made of clear, stretchy and durable elastomer. The strong stretchy material is skin safe and phthalates free. One size fits most.
Ultimate Cock Cage - Clear SE1609202
Keep the fun lasting longer with the Ultimate Cock Cage. It is the ultimate in support and pleasure. The Super-stretchy comfortable nubby texture on the exterior provides unrivaled pleasure.
Bigger And Better Hot Rod Enhancer - Clear  SE1605102
Do not just go for bigger, go for bigger and better! The super stretchy Hot Rod Enhancer is snug feeling for you and your partner. The tiered ridges inside and outside offer added stimulation. The Hot Rod fits comfortably over your penis and adds intimate sensations for you and your partner.
Fantasy X-tensions Perfect  2-inch Extension  PD4111-21
The Fantasy X-tensions will turn your penis into a ROCK STAR Pleasure Machine! Now you can instantly have that bigger cock to satisfy your partner with new levels of enjoyment. This easy to use extension is a safe and fun alternative to costly medical procedures and pills. The Perfect 2” Extension will give you the biggest, thickest pleasure rod you’ve ever imagined. It’s a great help for guys with ED and keeps you going as long as your partner desires. It’s not just about length. Expect to add about 33% in girth as well! It’s also customizable so you can trim it down to precisely the size you want. The super soft Fanta Flesh material is so comfortable, it feels like a second skin.
Fantasy X-tensions Mega 2-inch  Extension - Brown  PD4114-29
The Mega 2-inch Extension is a customizable extension that can be easily trimmed at the base for a perfect fit. It's super-stretchy to accommodate most sizes and snug enough to help you last longer. Your partner will enjoy deeper penetration with the 2-inch extension at the tip while the ultra-lifelike shaft makes you 66 percent thicker to offer a fuller feeling and exceptional climax. The soft Fanta Flesh material feels like a second skin giving you the length girth and cofidence you need to satisfy your lover.
Real Feel Penis Extension - Flesh PD2405-21
Real Feel Penis Extension with a little extra girth
Latex Extension Nubby Cock Head 3-inch - Ivory  SE1606002
No one will know where you end and your giant cock begins when you cap your penis with the 3 inch noduled latex extension. This ivory penis enhancer fits snugly over the tip of your dick, securely providing those extra few inches you and your partner crave. The textured shaft features nodules for superior stimulation. Who knew it could be so easy to sport the biggest, best penis around?
Clearly Ample Penis Enhancer   - Clear  SM-AD288
Men can enjoy a bigger thicker longer lasting erection instantly with no pills creams or devices. Simply slip this sheath over your own cock hard or flaccid and instantly enjoy your new pleasure rod. Lined internally with pleasure nubs and featuring a semitransparent design to let your true self shine through this realistic looking sheath is a great and simple way to be a porn star in your own bedroom.
Fantasy X-tensions Perfect  2-inch Extension with Ball PD4117-21
Intensify pleasure for both of you with The Perfect 2-inch extension with ball strap. With the ball strap wrapped snug around you you will prolong ejaculation for the most explosive climax your ever imagined. Your partner will enjoy deeper penetration with the 2-inch extension at the tipwhile the ultra-lifelike shaft makes you 33 percent thicker to offer a fuller feeling and exceptional climax. It's super-stretchy to accommodate most sizes is tight enough to help you last longer and the super soft Fanta Flesh material feels like a second skin -- only better.
Cock Xtender BL-26993
Engineered using our proprietary Sensa Feel technology, our Cock Xtender extends your penis by 2.5 inches AND increases your girth! The stretchy ring encircles your scrotum to help delay ejaculation and keeps it secure. Your partner will love the new you. Sensa Feel was developed to mimic the feel of the human body. Sensa Feel warms to body temperature and has just the right amount of give. Stretch the Cock Xtender over your erect penis. Enter your partner and be ready to deliver your best!